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In this week's P.O. Box:

  • Japan wanderlust

  • Stream roundup: Multi-sport draftlete

  • Offszn Book Club: Wrapping up Trading Game

  • On my radar: Quick hitters

  • On tap: Best Ball After Dark w/ the BBM4 Champ

I had a three week trip to Japan planned in March of 2020.

You probably remember what happened next…The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a global crisis and one of the biggest early outbreaks took place on a cruise ship stranded in Tokyo Bay.

We promptly cancelled our trip in late February, barely got refunded on everything, and then I coped by starting to stream non-stop and by playing League of Legends DFS.

By the time Japan finally made it easy for tourists to visit again, we had a kid. That (cruise) ship had sailed.

Losing that trip still stings and many of you have heard me lament it over the years.

I’ve long been fascinated by many facets of Japanese culture. I think it began when I first discovered Haruki Murakami and subsequently read everything he wrote. Same for my favorite Japanese artist Hiroshi Nagai.

Despite no Japan trip on the horizon, I still find myself vicariously trying to travel there.

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