🌴 A Summer Drafting Guide

BBMV is almost here...

In this week's P.O. Box:

  • How to attack BBMV

  • Stream roundup: NFL Draft Reactions & BBM Prep

  • Offszn Book Club: Trying not to fall behind

  • On my radar: Omakase review

  • On tap: Best Ball After Dark w/ Neumy

Pretty much every time I’ve streamed a best ball draft this offseason, I’ve received some form of this question:

I am a sick pup, but not sick enough to stream all 150 Best Ball Mania drafts again.

If I had infinite amounts of time, I actually would do it again. Not only did I get to draft with lots of smart people throughout the experiment, but it also allowed me to build out a very diverse portfolio on a team-level (something Sackreligious recently illuminated as an important consideration).

But this summer I want to free up time to make more videos on the Deposit Kingdom channel and dive into the expanded offerings in the Underdog lobby:

My most recent video is a step-by-step guide on how to attack Best Ball Mania V, the world’s biggest season-long fantasy tournament, which is set to drop shortly after the NFL Draft completes this weekend.

Watch now on the Deposit Kingdom channel

BBM is a unique beast because it spans 4+ months. There have been lots of debates over the years are when is the optimal time to draft in the contest.

In researching this video, I came to this conclusion:

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