🧙 Who Will We Curse This Season?

It's inevitable...

In this week's P.O. Box:

  • The Ship Chasing Clip Curse

  • Stream roundup: BBMV is here

  • Offszn Book Club: May selections

  • On my radar: Ripley

  • On tap: Best Ball After Dark w/ Leone

I’m not generally superstitious, but I do believe in the Ship Chasing clip curse.

For the past four years, the Ship Chasing crew (myself, Pat Kerrane and Ben Gretch) have collectively possessed a voodoo-like ability to mush our favorite players simply by making a highlight clip about them.

It started with Laviska Shenault in 2020.

Then there was Skyy Moore in 2022.

And last year, we accidentally cast our hex on Marvin Mims.

It’s honestly hilarious at this point. If Ship Chasing loves a player so much that a clip is made, they are destined to be a colossal flop.

Even the ancillary clips we’ve made (Greg Dulcich, Tyquan Thornton) feature players who have unequivocally busted at the NFL level.

Literally the only clip we have for a good NFL player is Justin Tucker singing opera.

Naturally, people are very curious which rookie’s career we plan to destroy this year…

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