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I went on a rant this week during Best Ball Breakfast.

The TLDR is that there is an Underdog Fantasy power user (HITEMMWITHTHEGRIDDY18) who is ruffling a lot of feathers with his unconventional drafting style.

He first made waves by posting his wild exposures so far in Best Ball Mania (that is a lot of American dollars to spend on Chase Claypool) and then continued to rile people up by posting teams with some truly galaxy brain structures (first time I’ve ever seen a 3 Elite QB + 3 RB team).

It’s legitimately refreshing (and entertaining) to finally have a public-facing drafter on Underdog who is willing to swim against the current and do their own thing, but unfortunately this is the internet we’re talking about.

The replies to his posts are littered with nasty comments—people calling him an idiot and shaming him for daring to build a non-GTO team.

It’s the perfect illustration of something that I realized long ago:

People want to be “right” more than they want to win.

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