🚴 The Ultimate Habit Stack For Drafters

Plus, my new cardio machine...

In this week's P.O. Box:

  • Underdog Cardio Club 2024 launches

  • Stream roundup: The NFL schedule is here

  • Offszn Book Club: Finished Sea of Tranquility

  • On my radar: My first concert in a loooong time

  • On tap: Best Ball After Dark w/ Kendall Valenzuela

This is what it looked like last May after I first installed a rack and bench:

And here’s where we are at today after adding flooring, a couple mirrors, more storage, and additional equipment:

The newest addition is that assault bike you see in the foreground. And the direct impetus for that purchase was the return of Underdog Cardio Club for 2024.

This year, Cardio Club members will unlock various rewards based on how many BBMV drafts they complete. Each UCC draft equals one point. Here are the rewards:

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